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Elemental Wizdom’s Libido Tea is quite possibly the most potent natural libido enhancer ever created. Based on a multi-thousand year medicinal practices, and multiple ancient traditions—Libido Tea includes proven extracts never before combined in a single recipe.

Theory of the Libido

Jung (1948) disagreed with Freud regarding the role of sexuality. He believed the libido was not just sexual energy, but instead generalized psychic energy.

For Jung the purpose of psychic energy was to motivate the individual in a number of important ways, including spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. It was also an individual's motivational source for seeking pleasure and reducing conflict

This formula works for BOTH men AND women, to boost sexual desire, orgasm, overall sexual health AND Natural Nitric Oxide Booster for Athletes. The herbs are believed to increase “jing” (in the Chinese medicine model)...which is connected to sexual fluid reserves, system health, vaso-dilation, desire, stamina and pleasure.

Men can expect to experience increased desire, hardness, stamina and ability to perform sexually. Women experience greater interest in sex, heightened sensitivity, and deeper, more intense orgasms. Both can experience vaso-dilation as a result of the boost in No3!

The formula contains (25) 1g servings)  of the following in proprietary ratios*:

  • Cistanche - to increase sexual energy and nourish the blood
  • Catuaba - a brazilian aphrodisiac known to increase desire
  • Muira puama - a nerve tonic with special effects on the sexual system
  • Huanarpo macho - for elevated testosterone in men, neutral for women
  • Yohimbe - the safest, most potent form helps blood flow/erectile dysfunction
  • Nettles - helps control unhealthy, libido-lowering estrogen in men and women
  • Eleuthro - a potent adaptogen, optimizes sexual hormone systems
  • Lichen - a rare fungi helpful in overall reproductive health
  • Epimedium - strong aphrodisiac properties for men and women
  • Cinnamon - blood sugar optimizer and overall potentiator
  • Fenugreek - high in saponins research has shown help sexual performance
  • He shou wu - tonic herb for blood building and sexual recovery

All of the herbs in this proprietary formula are either organic or wildcrafted, never irradiated or touched by chemicals of any kind. They are extracted using a unique process that preserves the life-force and potency.

This is why you literally FEEL it working.

A safe, healthy alternative to “pills” and other risky pharmaceuticals or stimulant formulas.

Directions for use: Measure a 1gram dose into a cup and then fill with hot water used for tea. Allow to steep for 5 minutes, and drink when not too hot. Depending on your circulatory health, effect begins to kick in about 15-20 minutes after consumption and peaks within 1-2 hours.

Following orgasm, it’s recommended men take Elemental Wizdom Pine Pollen Extract and women take Elemental Wizdom Sacred Golden Lotus Pollen for accelerated sexual recovery and increased “readiness” the next time around.

 Note: because this is a potent vasodilator, it can increase blood pressure and heart rate in some individuals. So anyone with high blood pressure or on heart medication consult with a licensed medical practitioner before consuming.


*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product (including any of the ingredients therein) is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always consult with a doctor or licensed medical practitioner if you’re concerned about whether this is right for you.


Elemental Wizdom formulates wellenss products with ONLY the purest bioavailable ingredients in order to deliver nature’s essentials with ZERO preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, gluten, yeast, soy, dairy, or casein.