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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    The Super Human Probiotics helped me get rid of an intestinal infection I had been trying to heal for the past 6 months after a trip to Asia. Prior to using Elemental Wizdom I tried all the best formulations I was aware of with no immediate results. Within a few days of using high dosage of the Super Human Probiotics my problem was gone and I felt immediately stronger and healthier. Since then I tried other products from his line and they continue to deliver. It is easy to consume, great tasting, pure, and free of fillers. Even attention to detail such as using miron glass jars to preserve the integrity of the product spoke volumes. I consider myself an enzyme expert and I can instantly tell the difference a product or supplement makes in my body. Elemental Wizdom's products felt clean, strong and vibrant.

    Katrine Volynsky B.Sc., Sports Nutritionist and Wellness Coach
    Super Human Probiotics  (5 Star Rating)

    In my opinion Super Human Probiotics by Elemental Wizdom with 17 strains of probiotics is the best probiotic product on the market today. This is the probiotic product I use.

    Dr. Mikio Sankey, L.Ac

    Esoteric Acupuncture

    Super Human Probiotics (5 Star Rating)

    Since taking Elemental Wizdom Super Human Probiotics combined with my diet cleanse, a severe case of Candida I've had since I was a teenager finally cleared up and has not returned. What I respect about Elemental Wizdom products is the care taken to select the most optimal ingredients. In their probiotics, it's not only the selection of probiotic strains themselves, but the fact that they are human derived is unique to the market. I really appreciate it when people take thoughtful steps to go above and beyond in order to ensure quality. I've recently started taking Elemental Wizdom's Metamorphosis--a look at the ingredients again speaks to me of their attention to research and is additional evidence that creating unique and optimal quality products is top priority at Elemental Wizdom.

    Robert Penque
    Founder of Growplan.org

    Super Human Probiotics (5 Star Rating)
    Metamorphosis (5 Star Rating)

    I was recently diagnosed with colon rectal cancer and asked my friend John Salley of NBA fame, a vegan & overall body guru if there is anything I should eat or supplement during my treatment. One thing and one thing only, Metamorphosis. I have been drinking it ever since, I never missed a days work, never experienced any symptoms usually related to chemo and radiation, I fully believe Metamorphosis was my savior, I'm in for life!

    Kevin Brophy
    Metamorphosis (5 Star Rating)

    I am a lifetime health and wellness connoisseur, I go to whatever measures it takes to treat, with the utmost care, my body using the best known modalities and supplements. Elemental Wizdom is by far the most integrity-based company and the highest standard products that I have ever found. Metamorphosis is my go-to-meal which keeps me flowing and going strong all day. Coupled with the Super Human Probiotics and Super Human Enzymes I take those times when my meal of the day is not of my usual standard, I am in super shape and comforted in knowing that I am getting all of the essential minerals, enzymes and energy I need to function optimally.

    Stephen Huntsman
    Global Advisor of ChinaClicks2 International Consulting

    Metamorphosis (5 Star Rating
    Super Human Enzymes (5 Star Rating)

    My tooth was doing so badly that my dentist said I either had to have a root canal or get my tooth pulled. I came across Elemental Wizdom at the Natural Products Expo, and was introduced to Oralight. I started taking Oralight in my hotel room that night and the pain started to immediately subside. Before Oralight, the bones of my teeth were deteriorating and there was a gap between my teeth. Now my teeth are straight and strong, and I don’t need a root canal. It’s now been several months and my teeth are better than ever.

    Selina Delagre
    CEO of Selina Naturally®, Celtic Sea Salt®

    Oralight (5 Star Rating)