Oud Oil


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  • Size: 3ml Fancy Decorative Bottle
  • Agarwood Essential Oil
  • Bursting with a Rich and Enchanting Aroma
This ancient substance is highly sought after by fragrance aficionados for its undeniable rich and enchanting aroma. It is a modern day trade secret ingredient in designer perfumes and colognes."Every time is like the first time."

Medicinal Uses

Medicinal uses of the heartwood, bark, resinous stem, resinous wood and aloeresin, prepared from Aquilaria spp., have been recorded in traditional medical systems including Chinese (TCM), Tibetan, Ayurvedic (Indian) and Unani (Greek derived Islamic). External and Internal preparations have been used citing a variety of Aquilaria species. These traditional medical systems have been used for indigenous health-care for thousands of years and can stand up on their own merits, because of the general non-scientific ‘universal truths’ on which all these systems are based, there are inevitably similarities in some major classifications.


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