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PINE POLLEN CBD Sublingual Male Tonic  ( women may also use for vasodilation and hormonal support) 50ml Miron Glass Bottle



Pine Pollen is Filled With Male Hormones
That Balances Out low Testosterone

Now this is interesting and fairly unique in nature that this contains some of the exact same hormones as humans. These can help combat all those endocrine disrupting xeno-estrogens that our environment is full of these days… from drinking water, pesticides, plastics and more.

With the tincture, these male hormones are directly deposited into your bloodstream.

Combine this unfair advantage with the powder’s anti-aging effects and within hours some people feel like their 20-year-old self again…

  • Their morning wood comes back
  • Their sense of adventure and mojo resurrects
  • Their energy is restored
  • Their mental concentration and clarity increases
  • Their wives are thrilled to have their man back


The Novel Phyto-Androgens (Plant Steroids)
Found in Pine Pollen…

There are also phyto-androgens, similar hormones but different ones then we humans have. These still have action upon the human body and endocrine system.*

Gibberellins – Structurally very similar to mammalian male hormones. These are plant steroids that jumpstart the first stages of germination. Spray them on growing buds and they will grow exponentially. They are found most in the buds and pollens of plants. They have been found to actually connect with androgens receptors in the human body. This means they can mimic male hormones in the body and stimulate androgen production.* They also appear to have a regulating action on the prostate.*

Brassinosteroids – Another essential element to plants, brassinosteroids are being used by plant growers as a highly efficient, broad-­spectrum, safe plant growth regulator. Pine pollen contains many of the over 30 different kinds already identified. Two of the brassinosteroids in pine pollen are the mechanism through which the liver safely removes xenobiotic substances, such as xenoestrogens, from the body system.*

For more of the anabolic effects, you’ll want to get this Pine Pollen Tincture. This is best for bodybuilding with pine pollen.


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