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    The Power Of Medicinal Mushrooms

    The Power Of Medicinal Mushrooms


    The growth of mushrooms is often regarded as a random event shrouded in mystery.

    Their sheer presence is thought to be based on luck or certain circumstances, this could not be further from the truth. The mushroom is deeply rooted in our environment and is one of the 4 kingdoms of our existence followed by the bacterium, plant and the animal kingdom.

    So how is such an influential pillar of this planet grouped among singular vegetables as being similar? This post will aim to uncover the truth behind mushrooms and their powerful uses. To understand this impact we look towards symbiotic relationships between the kingdoms mentioned above.

    Although mushrooms are a surface crop their veins deep below the earth connect the flora to vital resources. This symbiotic relationship is the highway of the forest where plants exchange their sugars for water and nutrients feeding each other in a mutually beneficial way. Mushrooms are not the only player in this symbiosis. Bacteria also present an exchange for nutrients to the plants above. One unique relationship is that of the legumes and rhizobium bacteria.

    Legumes and soil bacteria    

    Commonly known as rhizobium, this bacteria has a special relationship with legumes alone. Unlike other soil bound organisms, rhizobium is able to pull more than water from the ground in exchange for nutrients. Instead this bacteria is able to absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere while placing it in the soil for the plant to consume. Nitrogen is essential to plant growth yet is the fastest depleted of the 3 major nutrients. It takes the place of N within the fertilizer compound (N,P,K). Needless to say this is no simple feat.

    What does this mean for humans?

    Jumping back to our kingdom analogy we can now see the importance of mushrooms and bacteria in the plant kingdom. We all know the importance of plants in the animal kingdom, but what about mushrooms? Since we have no bartering options like the plant has with the mushrooms and bacteria we must rely on consumption to obtain the benefits. This can be a dangerous journey as the effects vary from death and illness to life in abundance. For the sake of this article we will be focusing on abundance.

    Lion’s Mane mushroom    

    Lion’s Mane Mushroom is far from the button and cap varieties we are used to seeing in supermarkets and grocery stores. This mushroom is a cascading wonder of beauty that loosely resembles a lion’s mane. The benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom are that of cognition. With the ability to stimulate the brains neural growth factor (NGF) this mushroom has been shown in studies to offset the appearance of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. By introducing Lion’s mane mushroom in supplemental form one can expect improved long-term and short-term memory. This is especially critical for Alzheimer’s patients who are in need of neuron regeneration.    

    Reishi Mushroom

    Popular in ancient Chinese medicine, the reishi mushroom is known for its immunising properties. As with many medicinal plants and mushrooms the reishi has adaptogenic qualities which make it an excellent option for everyday preventative use. Rather than slowing down the growth of bacteria (harmful or beneficial) this adaptogenic mushroom is able to stabilize stressors in your immune system. This stabilization leads to a healthier body by bringing you back to a point of homeostasis. Far different from pharmaceuticals that look to mask or muddle conditions, adaptogens aim to level your body out. This leads to a body to be free from internal harm, stress and even depression. As well as being an adaptogen the reishi mushroom has isolated compounds and enzymes that heighten your immune response. Some of these compounds have been shown to fight fatigue, heart disease and even forms of cancer.  

    Nutritional Powerhouse

    For those looking for an all in one solution to their nutrition needs the METAMORPHOSIS formulation combines select plants, fungi and algae to deliver an optimal state. With 10 medicinal mushrooms aimed at the pillars of health including immune function, brain health and circulation. 4 major protein sources including the ancient food source spirulina as a blue green algae. Along with the benefits of bacteria in the form of digestive enzymes. Together these nutrient dense plants work with the absorption might of enzymes to give your body all that it needs to sustain and prosper in health.

    Ending thoughts

    My hope is that you gained some insight into what greatly influences our mind, body and planet. While consuming your meals try and become more mindful of this deep connection the plants, fungi and bacteria share because we are a part of that loop. Our mindfulness sits in this giving and forever receiving system that does not necessarily compete for resources but rather shares in abundance to see the other grow and prosper. By taking these anciently cherished plants we re-live this connection and grow stronger healthier bodies as a result.


    Author Bio:

    Brock is the editor and owner of Urban Alchemy a site focused on the discussion of ancient medicine through modern analysis. For more information on medicinal mushrooms see his post on the benefits of lion’s mane mushroom.








    5 Things We Love at Human Garage

    5 Things We Love at Human Garage

    By: Whitney Easton - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    Walking down the nutritional supplement aisle of Whole Foods, it is readily apparent there are an infinite number of brands, products, vitamins, powders, and supplements to fit our every need. It can be a daunting task to know where to begin, what brands to trust, and what remedies can help alleviate various ailments our bodies manifest.

    Today, I’ll break down some of our favorite products across multiple areas of health and wellbeing at Human Garage. Our staff has tried hundreds (maybe more) of products and supplements as alternative remedies. We’ve fine tuned the lines we carry in search of optimal quality, highest quality of ingredients, and most importantly, optimal “bioavailability.” In other words, pharmacology uses the phrase ‘bioavailability’ to describe the quantity or fraction of the ingested dose that is actually absorbed by the body. Not all products are created equal in this regard. The higher the bioavailability, the greater the effectiveness of the supplement and the greater its capacity to support the body in reaching its optimal functioning and health.

    In creating this list with the help of the Human Garage staff, I have chosen items that support the bodies’ natural ability to heal itself through boosting areas of health such as mood, energy, protein absorption, digestion, immunity, pain, and inflammation. Here, I’ll break down our top five current favorites, across multiple domains of body functioning.

    1). Chocolate Euphoria: Mood Booster and Natural Source of Energy

    Chocolate euphoria is a naturally made fermented chocolate made of raw cacao, coconut sugar, and natural adaptogenic teas. As the name may suggest, this is a natural mood elevator. Adaptogens help your body adapt to stress and resist fatigue. Unlike “quick fixes” such as coffee and sugar, which elevate our mood and boost our energy for shorter periods of time, adaptogens are a group of herbal ingredients which boost our bodies’ ability to resist stress and fight fatigue through improving the adrenal system, responsible for managing your body’s hormonal response to stress. While caffeine and sugar provide a short-term boost of energy, this herbal blend in conjunction with fermented chocolate stimulate the adrenal system for longer-lasting energy.

    In addition, the fermentation process of the chocolate is known to release high amounts of dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters often labeled as “happiness” chemicals for their ability to naturally elevate and boost mood. Just think of the “runner’s high” and feelings associated with a natural high after a good workout.

    My recommendation: take a spoonful of chocolate euphoria daily to elevate and balance mood naturally. Try a spoonful of this in the afternoon instead of an extra cup of coffee for a more prolonged, sustainable boost of energy that won’t leave you feeling like you are crashing hours later.

    2). 7 Schools CBD Oil: Pain, Inflammation, Stress, and Anxiety

    Pain in its many forms is a common concern and complaint for most people walking through the doors of Human Garage. In traditional Western medicine, over the counter painkillers and more heavy duty narcotics, opiate based drugs chemically similar to heroin, tend to be the go-tos for managing pain long term. The results of these can be damaging and highly addictive. Long term use of prescription pain killers can also erode the bodies natural ability to produce pain killers in the brain.

    This particular CBD oil, derived from the hemp plant, does not contain THC. In other words, it does not contain the psychoactive ingredient responsible for creating a feeling of being “high.”

    According to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have found CBD to possess the following medical properties: reduces nausea and vomiting, suppresses seizure activity, combats anxiety and depression, works as an anti-inflammatory, and is anti-tumoral/anti-cancer to name a few.

    My recommendation: Take twice daily ½ dropper to 1 dropper full or as needed.

    3). Human Probiotics: Healthy Digestion, Immunity, and Cellular Reproduction 

    Issues with digestion are a common ailment we see and treat at Human Garage. A well-balanced digestive system is essential to our well-being and avoiding chronic health conditions. Probiotics help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines and support a healthy digestive system. Probiotics aid in the production of essential nutrients, which can help control immune response as in the case of the all-too-common inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

    Probiotics can be taken daily to preventatively support digestive function or especially when antibiotics, travel, diet, and stress disrupt normal microflora (healthy bacteria in our digestive tracts), causing various upsets.

    The strains used in our formulation are unique: there are 15 strains that were actually originally cultivated from human tissue some 25 years ago. Japanese scientists took tissue culture samples from healthy, ideal candidates to begin experimenting on cultivating beneficial human bacteria strains to use for medicinal purposes.

    Why does this make our probiotics unique?
    The vast majority of probiotic formulations out there consist of dairy, plant based, or bovine (animal family including cattle, bison, buffalo, etc.) that die off in the digestive tract and are therefore only beneficial for digestive aid. Elemental Wizdom’s Super Human Probiotics benefit much more than just digestion, including cellular reproduction, immune support, and complexion and dexterity of the skin.

    My recommendation:
    ¼-½ tsp 2 times daily to load up your system for the first 2 weeks. After that, take once daily or as needed.

    4). Prahabud Immune Oil: Boosts Immune System

    Inspired by an Ayurvedic formula, this essential oil blend contains Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Clove, and Oregano. The herbal ingredients in this blend have been shown to have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    My recommendation: use preventatively, especially with cold season upon us. Drop several drops into your water daily, diffuse throughout your home to boost immune system, or use as a spray to naturally disinfect. Begin to take twice daily in liquid, especially upon first symptoms of a cold or bug.

    Hear about these immunity properties from Dr. Nick himself: http://www.essentialoilwizardry.com/product/prabhupad-immune/

    5). Metamorphosis: Protein Absorption and Energy

    Elemental Wizdom’s Metamorphosis product boosts an impressive list of claims for our health: helps cleanse your blood, boosts your immune system, and increases your protein intake and absorption. It even cleanses the entire endocrine system (hormonal system).

    So what allows it to do this? It is a truly bioavailable vegan protein with naturally occurring adaptogens, containing spirulina protein, chlorella (an algae), hemp protein, pine pollen, and a combination of nine medicinal mushrooms. Metamorphosis is unique in that it contains 70% protein, is sustainably and integrally grown and harvested here in the U.S., is not heavily processed like other plant-based proteins, has full bioavailability (meaning, our body can actually absorb its contents fully), and contains spirulina, descendent from the first photosynthetic bacteria. In essence, spirulina is at the bottom of the food chain: it has been shown by scientists to have given life to billions of different life forms and other life-sustaining algaes.

    Canadian grown Hemp provides additional protein and omegas for the body and brain. Sunflower lecithin provides healthy phospholipids necessary for optimal cognitive and neurological functioning, as well as to reduce cholesterol levels. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a protein powder boosting such an array of health-optimizing benefits.

    My recommendation: 1 Tbsp in your morning smoothie with coconut water, banana and fruit (or your favorite mix of smoothie ingredients).

    So, why do these matter?

    At the end of the day, our work here is about bringing the body back into balance, which I will speak more to next week. Balance is critical to our health across each level of our being. Until then, as we realign our bodies on an anatomical and postural level, it is imperative we consider balance from within on both cellular and internal levels. All of these products facilitate the process of maximizing the bodies’ capacity to heal in a natural, sustainable way.

    Four of the five products featured today are supplied by a company we work with, Elemental Wizdom. If you are interested in learning more from their website about each of these products here, I encourage you to check out his website here.

    As always, all of these things and more can be found in person at Human Garage. Give us a call or stop by to pick up any of these products and more in person.

    *Questions about our blog or ideas you’d love to see featured? Feel free to reach out to me directly.

    Whitney Easton

    WhitneyWhitney is Director of Creative Communications at Human Garage in Venice, California. She is finishing her M.A. in Clinical Psychology and can usually be found basking in the sun, teaching and practicing yoga, walking her rescue dogs, and enjoying her peaceful, aligned life near the beach.

    SOURCE: http://www.humangarage.net/blog/5-things-we-love-at-human-garage

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